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Turn your surface drip irrigation into a root irrigation system


We make it easy

The DRS System makes your daily work easier by bringing drip irrigation water directly to the roots of the crop, maintaining humidity in the subsoil, where the roots are.

The existing dripper is used, without the need for new or different drippers.

Its unique, patented design encapsulates the dripper and directs the water, by the law of gravity, to the needed depth depending on the crop or trees.

The current water shortage makes the DRS System an effective and low-cost solution for agriculture, gardening, etc.


In 30 seconds

One of its unique advantages is its installation, it is extremely simple and fast. In less than 30 seconds it is installed and working 100%.

It does not require any type of mounting on the ground/field, simply a hole of approx. 50 cm deep and in three simple steps it is installed.

1,- Place the installed dripper inside the DRS cup

2,- Place the compressor ring.

3,- Place the transparent lid.

Ready to go


Up to 75% savings

By bringing water directly to the roots, water savings increase by up to 75% in many cases.

The DRS System requires less irrigation time and water, and at the same time less energy if an irrigation pump is installed.

By conducting water directly to the subsoil, water loss through evaporation is avoided.

The savings can be converted into economic savings, or water availability for other crops that currently cannot be attended to due to water restrictions and scarcity.


Avoid weeds

Having crops clean of weeds requires effort and financial cost, which can be avoided thanks to the DRS System.

Since the humidity is in the subsoil, the proliferation of weeds is drastically reduced.

This ensures that all the nutrients in the soil and possible fertilizers go 100% to the crops.

Having a crop field clear of weeds makes many other tasks necessary in the field easier.

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