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DRS Installation

The DRS System consists of three parts, when assembled form the Root Irrigation Device (DRS).

  • DRS Cup
  • Compressor ring
  • Lid

When assembled, as described below in steps/images, the DRS encapsulates the dripper, bringing water and fertilizers directly to the roots, while remaining attached to the irrigation system tubing


Step 1

Make the irrigation hole, a hole diameter of 18-20 mm is recommended, since the DRS drainage spout is for 16 mm pipe.

Depending on the type of terrain, the irrigation hole  is of different depth, it is recommended.

  • Good drainage: 40-50 cm.
  • Normal drainage: 50-60 cm.
  • Poor drainage: 60-80 cm.


Step 2

For the drainage tube (diameter 16 mm), we recommend a length between 15-20 cm.

Once the tube is placed in the DRS cup, the tube is inserted into the hole made in the ground.

The drainage tube has the function of taking the water from the dripper directly to the depth of the roots and maintaining humidity in the subsoil.


Step 3

Place the pipe with the dripper, inside the DRS cup.


Step 4

Place the compressor ring so that the openings coincide with the pipe and that the dripper remains inside.


Step 5

Screw the transparent lid onto the DRS cup so that it stays in place. When screwing on the lid, it puts pressure on the compressor ring so that the pipe is attached to the DRS.

Installation video

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